(103 Estridge Street – Evangela Campbell Family)

Beginning of day


Morning devotional


Football Team nailing floor deck


Volunteers building walls


Cutting out window openings


Ms. Campbell (Future home owner) nailing in OSB on wall


Raising wall #1


Raising wall #1 (9:55am)


Tubs lifted up onto the floor deck


Wall#1 nail into rim joist


Raising wall#2 (10:02am)


Nailing wall#2 to rim joist


Nailing OSB on wall#3 (10:31am)


Raising wall#3 (10:58am)


Stapling wrap on wall#4 (11:14am)


Raising wall#4 (11:26am)


Ladies preparing and serving lunch (11:28am)


WCHS Football Team Volunteers (12:04pm)


Building and raising last wall (wall#5) (12:24pm)


Nailing OSB on last wall (12:44pm)


Interior walls (2:20pm)


Home at end of day (2:45pm)


3/09/2014 Pictures

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